How to Make Money on Your Phone (Graphic Designs)

How to Make Money on Your Phone (Graphic Designs)

So, let’s expose the easiest way of making money on your phone before we moved to the complex ones.

Graphics Designs

Let’s say you have ZERO funds but you have a Smartphone and Data, how to make ends meet?
Download Any Mobile Graphics App:

1. Adobe Express (Very Loaded)
2. Canva (Very Simple)

These Apps have built-in templates for any design (fliers, logo, business cards, etc) and all you have to do is edit.

Who are your Potential Customers?

1. Everybody in that WhatsApp Group you are in
2. Your Church, Mosque, School, Office, etc needs to change Logo or design fliers at one point in time
3. Share your design in Facebook Groups and Pages with your contact details. You will be shocked at the response.

You can charge N3,000 per design by just using a free app!

You can go a step further by offering to PRINT (Plenty Printers around you) and WAYBILL for an extra fee.

NB: Find out the paper quality available from your Printer. You can tell your potential customers ‘We have different paper types and prices e g Matte, Glossy, Photo card, Textured etc.

Do this and Share!

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